Disabled Adaptations

More people are finding themselves disadvantaged due to disability or age. By adapting their homes, owners and tenants, alike can continue to remain independent for longer using new and existing support networks. We undertake the design within range in complexity from a simple ramped access to property, through level access showers to provision of new bedroom facilities with ensuite level access showers. A large proportion of these are completed in accordance with Social Services requirements and funded by a disabled facilities grant. We also undertake commissions from private clients wishing to fund the works themselves or those who are outside of DFG funding.

Our aims - To target those in greatest need, through liaison with local authorities, home improvement agencies, voluntary and private sector organisations. To provide a professional, efficient and caring service, to assist in helping clients through the process of repairing, improving or adapting their property. Enabling older and disabled home owners to continue living safely and independently in their own homes and reducing health related problems due to poor housing conditions.

All of this is achieved by working in conjunction with: Your local Environmental Health and Housing Departments and/or Housing Associations. Social Services - Occupational Therapists and Social Workers. Yourself- we never undervalue the Client within this process.

How we can help through our Associated Partner - Home visits to discuss clients individual requirements. Provide Technical support to draw up schedules of works & building plans as necessary. Discuss finance and options for obtaining finance. Oversee works on site. Deal with all payments on completion of work. Refer on to other agencies and professionals as appropriate.

Adaptations may be: - Level Access Showers, Ramps, Step lifts, Extensions to provide Bedrooms and Shower Rooms and so forth.